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The simply explanation about RAMPO

The real name of Edogawa Rampo is Hirai Taro. Edogawa Rampo(Hirai Taro) was born in 1894 in Nabari, Mie of Japan. Now, Edogawa Rampo is famous as the father of Japanese detective story. What to explains about his writing name is very important. Because he named it of himself Edogawa Rampo after Edgar Allan Poe who was the inventor of Detective Story. If you quickly pronounce Edogawa-Rampo, you can certainly understand it.

I write a little about Hirai Taro before Edogawa Rampo. Before becoming professional author, he took many occupations. As some concrete examples, they were included employee of a trading company, owner of a used books' store, owner of a moving Chinese noodle shop stall, and employee of a newspaper publisher. But they couldn't continue long time at all. Maybe he might prefer his fantasy to his reality ever since he was a boy. And, in all probability, this thought is likely to be right.

In 1923, Edogawa Rampo's debut was "Nisen-Doka ( The Two-Sen Copper Coin[* 100 sen equal 1 yen])" is the short story of cryptogram used Japanese Kanji and aimed at the unexpectedness. Until this story made an appearance, The world of Japanese detective story was almost only the introduction of translations of foreign detective stories including Poe, Doyle and Leblanc and so on, and Japanese story writing were only just some short short. But the revolution of Japanese detective story writing started from the appearance of 'NISEN-DOKA' was equal to foreign. And especially, short story continually started to be written energetically by some authors.

Then, Edogawa Rampo published many works. What to be the key to solving some puzzles and logics in short detective stories, they were "The D Slope Murder Case", "The Psychological Test" and others. Akechi Kogoro was a excellent detective of amateur take an active parts in their some works. Akechi Kogoro was the primary detective of his stories like Sherlock Holmes. The main mysterious and fantasy in short stories, they were "The Human Chair", "The Traveler with the Pasted Rag Picture" and others. The novella was "The Beast of Shade". The long novels were "Ogre in the Secluded Isle", "The Spider Man", "The Black Lizard" and ohers. Akechi Kogoro take an active parts in many long novels, too. On the whole, Edogawa Rampo had written by no means a lot of works, but most of his works were high quality, and Edogawa Rampo quickly became the most popular author.
After World War II, Edogawa Rampo rarely wrote any stories. But he read many foreign detective stories at a sweeping pace, wrote their reviews, and collected his reviews into some volumes. From the past to the present, Edogawa Rampo have been reading his reviews as well as his stories.
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