RAMPO's Chronological Table

1894 0 Hirai-Taro was born as the first son on 21 October in Nabari cho, Naga-gun of Mie-ken. Nabari has been the most famous for one of Ninja's area. His parents were Hirai-Shigeo and Kiku, Shigeo was twenty seven years old, worked as clerk of Naga-gun's public office, and Kiku was eighteen years old. His father, Shigeo had been the first graduate of Kansai-low-school, is the present Kansai university. In that connection, Taro was legally domiciled in Tsu city, Mie-ken. Presently, his family had migrated from Nabari town to Kameyama town, Mie-ken for Shigeo's transfer to Suzuka-gun's public office.
1897 3 Taro's family consisted of his parents, his grandmother on his father's side and himself had moved to Sonoi cho, Nagoya city because his father changed his occupation. Murakami-Ryuko, had become, in the future, his wife was born on this year.
1900 6 Toru of Shigeo's third son was born on this year. (* Kinji of the second son and Asa of the first daughter had passed away as soon as they were born.)
1901 7 Taro entered Shirakawa common elementary school in Nagoya.
1902 8 Taro was looking forward to being read everyday newspaper stories by his mother. Espesially, He was, for the first time, interested in Detective Story to be read "Secret in the secret things" appeared in a series by "Osaka-Mainichi-Newspaper".
1903 9 Toshio of Shigeo's forth son was born on this year.
1905 11 Taro entered Nagoya municipal Daisan advanced elementary school. He began to make the boy magazines using konjak blocks with his friends. In the next year, they also began to make use of mimeographs.
1907 13 Taro entered Aichi prefectural Daigo secondary school. He was sickly and was weak in the run and the apparatus gymnastics. And he was frequently absent from school. When he had gone to Atami for swimming in the sea in the summer vacation, he was involved in "The haunted tower" of the place's rental library.
In this connection, Kuroiwa Ruikoh adapted a forgin novel for "The haunted tower".
1908 14 Shigeo started, in minami-ise cho Nagoya city, Hirai company run the agency of import's machinery, the foreign insurance agent and the coal's sales.
At this time, Hirai family was the wealthest when Taro was boy, he was also given pocket money from his parents. As a result he bought many type's sticks, and made the magazines using the hand operation's printing machine with his friends.
Taro failed in smuggling himself into Chinese, and was suspended from school for five days.
1912 18 In March, Taro graduated from his secondary schol.But he had to give up Daihachi high school for going down his father's business.
In June, to go bankrupt Hirai company, his five members family emigrated to Masan in Korea. (* Wasa of Taro's grandmother passed away last year.) Shigeo of his father was engaged in cultivation, but Taro decide to study under difficulties, and returned to Japan, went to Tokyo.
He lived in type printing work as an apprenticeship in print shop's Reizandoh of Yushima-tenjin cho, Hongoh-ku ,and he passed to admission's test of a preparatory course's second year of Waseda university.
For being in the university, he was engaged in a lot of part time jobs of the magazine's editor, the library's staff and English tutor and so on.
He moved to Kasuga cho in December.
1913 19 For about a year from this Spring, Taro stayed with Hondoh-Tsuma of his grandmather on his mother's side at a rented house in Kikui cho, Ushigome-ku. Therefore he released his part-time jobs, and spent to read many books of Kuroiwa-Ruikoh, Natsume-Sohseki, Ozaki-Kohyoh and Izumi-Kyohka and so on.
He planed the publication of "Imperial Boy's Peper (Teikoku Syonen shinbun)", but this plan broke down to fail to gather the money.
In Angust, he graduated from preparatory course, and entered to the politics and economy's subject in Waseda university.
1914 20 In this Spring, Taro published "White Rainbow (Hattukou)" of their own handwriting circulated magazine with his friends.
From about this summer, he helped the edit and the translation of Kawasaki-Katsu's polotics magazine "Self-Goverment Newspaper (Jiti-Shinbun)". Kawasaki Katsu was his same province's Diet-man.
In the same tarm, he first experienced English stories of poe and Doyle, was fascinated by them at same time. He understood the interest of the short detective stories, and he went the library to devote himeself to read many detective stories.
1915 21 Taro stayed Ushigome-ku with Shigeo of his father returned to japan.
From the result to read many foreign detective stories, he researched into the code's history, and compile them into "Kitan" of hand-made-book. He try to translate three stories of Holmes stories.
He contributed 'Matchlock (Hinawajuh)' to "Explorer's World (Bohken Sekai)", but his story didn't adopt.
1916 22 Tamako of Taro's yonger sister was born in this year.
In August, he graduated from WAseda university. The thesis was "Competitive treatise (kyohsohron)".
He abandaned going to U.S.A. He got a job as trading company in Osaka by the connection of Kawasaki Katsu of living in. But the work didn't contine for a year. From this year, he changed jobs many times, because he retired short tarm.
1917 23 In July, he retired "Katoh-Yohkoh", he wandered for several month. His wandering habit began from this time. During his wandering, he was amused to read "Konjiki-no-Shi" of Tanizaki-Junichiroh at Ito hot spring in Izu.
After this wander, he was depend on his father's house in osaka. During he stayed his father's house, he wrote "Mars's Canal (Kasei-no-Unga)".
In November, he got the job of the electric department of Toba shipyard in Suzuki company in Toba town, Mie-ken. He was protected from the chief engeer's Matsumoto-Uhei, and he took part in the edit of "Hiyori" of company's magazine.
1918 24 Taro first read Dostoyevsky, and was devotion strong emotion. He orgnized "Toba Otogikan" with the shipyard's colleague, and while he pateroled the theater and elementary school, came to know Murayama-Ryuhko of Sakatevillage's school teacher.
1919 25 In January, Taro retired Toba Shipyard without permission.
In Februry, he went to Tokyo with Toru and Toshio of two brothers, and opened the used book shop "Three persons' book shop (Sannin-Syoboh)" in Komagome Dangozaka, Hongoh-ku.
On the other hand, from July to Sempember, he was engaged in the magazine's edit of "Tokyo Pack", and wrote the scenario and cartoon.
He organized Asakusa-Opera-Sponsorship, and supported Taya-Rikizoh.
In November, "Sannin-Syoboh" was going down, he opened Chinese noodele shop.
In this month, he married Murayama Ryuhko.
1920 26 In January, "Shin-Seinen" was founded by Hakubunkan of the famous publisher. "Shin-Seinen" was the most famous (foregin-translation's) detective stories' magazine, and introduced the best modern sensibility.
In Februry, he got a job as Tokyo City Hall's Social Department, but retired for a half year at least.
In summer, he planed Intelligent Novel Publish Party with the dependent's Inoue-Katsuki, and was notice "The Secret of Stone (Ishikure-no-Himitsu)"(* the original form of "One Ticket") as name of Edogawa-Rampoh in the magagine "Grotesque",but Intelligent Novel Publish Party failed for little effect of the members' advertisements on "Yomiuri Newspaper"..
In October, he completely discontinued of his Sannin-Syoboh, and his couple were depend on staying his father's house in Osaka, and he became the journalist of Osaka-Current-Newspaper (Osaka-Jiji-Shinpoh).
Through this year, he was very poverty.
1921 27 In Februry, Ryutaroh of Taro's first son was born.
In April, he went to Tokyo to invite as the secretary in Japanese Craftsman Club. Kohga-Saburoh of the future was the same club.
1922 28 Taro became the manager of brilliantine manufacturer, but closed by the bussiness world's detression. He came back to Osaka together with his wife and child, and ware depend on his father in Moriguchi town.
In September, he wrote "The Two-Sen Copper Coin (Nisen-Dohka)" and "One Ticket (Ichimai-no-Kippu)". He sent no acquaintanceship's Baba-Kochoh and expect to get his recoommendation, but took back his manuscripts not to reply. Once again, he sent Morishita-Uson of "Shin-Seinen"'s editor. As soon as Uson read his two detective stories, recognized his talent and promised their print. For the era didn't permit the proffetional detective author, from December, he helped the recovery of loss of their right's stocks at Ohhashi lawyer office in Dojima, Osaka.
From this time, his writting name changed Edogawa-Rampo.
1923 29 Rampo was debuted by the recommendation of Kosakai-fuboku.
He left his father's house, and moved to Kadoma village along Keihan Railway.
In July, he got a job as Advertisement's Department of Osaka-Mainichi(Everyday)-Newspaper Office.
1924 30 In April, Rampo and his family moved to Moriguchi town in suburb of Osaka City.
In Semtember, for the pharynx's cancer of his father, they stayed with his father once again.
In November, he decided to do only author, retired from Osaka-Mainichi-Newspaper Office.
1925 31 By very applause of "The D Slope Murder Case (Dzaka-no-Satsujinjiken)" and "The Psychological Test (Shinri Shiken)", he was reguested a complete short story in evry month from "Shin-Seinen".
In January, on the way of going to Tokyo, he first met Kosakai Fuboku in Nagoya City. He visited Morishita Uson in Tokyo, was invited the contributor to "Shin-Seinen". And he first met Uno-Kohji of hre read the author with pleasure since his Dangozaka's life.
In April, he organized "The Detective Hobby's Club (Tantei-Syumi-no-Kai)" with Kasugano-Midori and Yokomizo-Seishi, and in September, they edited the first of "Detective Hobby (Tantei-Syumi)" of an organ.
In July, his first book was pubished from Syunyohdoh (Publishing firm).
In September, Shigeo of his father passed away by the pharynx's cancer.
In Odtober, he became the coterie of Twenty One Days Club (21nichi-kai) of New General Public Literture Author.
In November, he went to Tokyo with Yokomizo Seishi, and first broadcast his lecture on Radio.
1926 32 In January, Rampo went to Tokyo with Tamako of his sister and his five members family, and lived rented house in Chikudohatiman cho, Ushigome-ku, Tokyo City.
In end of May, he did the radio lecture of a bussiness trip by the request of Osaka Broadcasting Station. Further was gone to Tokyo Yokomizo Seishi, and arranged Morishita Uson, was entered him to Hakubunkan (Publishing firm).
In September, "Yurie's Kill" of short play performed by The Detective Hobby's Club's spnsorship.
This year, he began to first three long serial novels at the same time, at once was trouble them, "The Air Man (Kuhki-Otoko)" was interrupted to be discontinuance of pubication of the magazine, but the rest's two long novels repeated the rest of serial novels, and "Lakeside Inn Case (Kohantei-Jiken)" only completed anyway, but "Maneuvering Darkness (Yami-ni-Ugomeku)" was published not to complete. When the same year, the novel was contained "Edogawa Rampo's Book" in "Present Public Letelture's Complete works" by Heibonsya (Publishing firm), he accomplished to add to three chapters at last.
1927 33 In Marth, "The Dwarf (Issun-Bohshi)", perfomed Ishii-Baku as main cast was shown the movie, but he ironically felt the hatred against his own work's "The Dwarf (Issun-Bohshi)", and first declared the rest's pen.
He bought the right of logding house in front of Waseda University and was managed by his wife. Rampo himself set out on a trip of wandering for several months.
In December, he took part in Tankisya of the public literture collaborative association.
1928 34 In Februry, it operated on him for extraction of the tonsils.
In April, he sold the right of lodging house in front of Waseda University, and newly bought "Green House (Midori-Kan)" of a dormitory for emploees in the same Totsuka cho. Once again, he started to manage a lodging house.
"The Beast of Shade (Injyuh)" of serial after a long interval was very reputation.
Since this time, his friendships of Hagiwara-Sakutaroh and Inagaki-Taruho started.
1929 35 Rampo started "Ogre in the Secluded Isle (Kotoh-no-Oni)" of serial long story in "Asahi" of new magazine from the entreaty of Morishita Uson became the chief of the editor's bereau of Hakubunkan.
In Februry, "The Midair Gentleman (kuhcyuh-Shinshi)" of first book of Tankisya's collabolation was published.
In April, Dr. Kosakai Fuboku passed away. Later, he exerted to publish "Kosakai Fuboku complete works (all 17 volumes)"
In June, "Desires to Bad Person (Akunin-Shigan)" of the first essay works' book published from Hakubunkan.
In this year, "The Spider Man (Kumo Otoko)" of serial long story started in "Kohdan-Kurabu" of big number of copyies entertaining magazine by Kohdansya (Publishing firm).
1930 36 "The Spider Man (Kumo Otoko)" of pubishing in October was best-seller.
"Akechi Kogoroh" of short story's works was published from Senshinsya (Publishing firm).
For quickly becoming famous, legend is that he wrote by candle-lights in his study closed stormdoor during day time fabricated. The influence of "The Beast of Shade (Injyuh)" was likely.
1931 37 Rampo guarreled with Niyama-Hisashi who had been engaged in examining the data for Rampo's stories as his assistant from August in last year, and to January in this year, they finaly broke with each other.
In May, "Edogawa Rampo complete works" of all of thirty books was his first individual complete works started to be published. He adopted Inoue-Katsuki as the editor of "Detective Hobby" of the sepplementary magazine.
In same May, as Tamako of his sister was pleurisy, he was treated her in another house with their mother.
In November, as several students in his lodging house raised dispute, he was disagreeable, and discontinued the bussiness of his lodging house.
1932 38 He was deep in ancient Greece by the frienddhip with Iwata-Junichi.
In March, he declared his second rest's pen. He traveled to Kansai with his family.
In June, Tamako of his sister passed away. Then she was Sixteen years old.
From July to August, he went alone to Tohhoku.
1933 39 In January, he took part in Tsychoanalysis Study by Ohtsuki-Kenji. He attended the regular meeting, contributed to "Tsychoanalysis (Seishin Bunseki)" of the organ.
In April, Selling "Green House (Midori-Kan)" of the lodging house, they moved to Kuruma cho, Shiba-ku.
He absorbedly read J.A.Simons.
1934 40 In January, as Rampo couldn't eldure trafic noise in the neighborhood of his new house, he long stayed Cho-Hotel in Azabu-ku.
In July, his family moved to Ikebukuro 3 Chome. This space was last develling for him.
1935 41 As big mistake that discontinuance of pablication of "Evil Spirit (Akuryoh)" in last year, and for "Pomegranate (Zakuro)" was importantly treated general magazine's "Chuoh-Kohron". He took ill feeling from literaly world. He was mainly engaged in the critism and compilation apart from his original story's work.
In January, "Edogawa rampo Masterpiece Selected Works" was published from Heibonsya.
In May, he was oprated empyema.
In September, he compiled "Japanese Detective Story's Masterpiece Works" and it was published from Syunjyuhsya (Publishing firm).
From December, he went to the trip arround Kyusyuh
1936 42 From the end of last year, "Kaijin-20-Mensoh" of his first juvenile detective story was started the serial novels.
In March, Yumeno-Kyuhsaku passed away. Rampo exerted to publish "Yumeno Kyuhsaku Complete Works".
In May, "Maniac Speech (Oni-no-Kotoba)" of firstreview works' book was published from Syunjyuhsya.
1937 43 Kohga-Saburoh and Kigi-Takataroh were the art's dispute in detective story.
In this spring, by effect of opelation, his right's eyelid began to be convulsed, thereby took glasses of astigmatism and farsightedness in the end of his year.
In June, "Fantasy and Mysterious" of his short story's works' book was published from Hangasoh (Publishing firm).
For writing, in July, stayed Kohyasan (* This is Wakayama-ken's Mountain is one of most famous temple in japan.), and in September stayed Shinsyu-Chuhboh hot spring.
1938 44 Detective magazines were successively discontriunance of publication, and "Shin-Seinen" also began to increase the articles about war.
From September, Shinchosya (Publishing firm) successively published all of ten books' "Edogawa Rampo selected works". But the censorship was strict from the latter half of its distribution, the writing was revised by the censors.
1939 45 In March, for "The Caterpillar (Imo-Mushi)" was thought like antiwar, he was forced to delete aall of "The Caterpillar (Imo-Mushi)" from his works' books at the Metropolitan Police Board. Prohibition of sale on the surface was only this one work, but for in fact all his works extended prohibition of sale until about 1941, he decided to resolute secluded life.
1940 46 From April, serial story of "New Treasure Island (Shin-Takara-Jima)" of juvenile story was written "Syohnen-Kurabu".
In July, traveling Hohrai-Temple in Mikawa (Aichi-ken), he raised a fit of palpitation of the heart, and from now on, he had continued to feel abnormal condition of the heart.
1941 47 In July, "The Tower of Phantom Devil (Yuhki-no-Toh)" was published from Hibonkaku (Publishing firm).
In December, he worked the Chief Air Defense of Sixteenth Neighborhood Association at Ikebukuro-Maruyama cho
1942 48 His all old works was out of print last year, and new order also stoped. "The wisdom's Ichitaroh (Chie-no-Ichitaroh)" of 'Sound' juvenile scientfic story was done serial short story by the name of Komatsu-Ryuhnosuke.
In July, he worked the Submanager of the Neighborhood Association in Ikebukuro 3 chohme, Kita cho, and he made efforts for the inhabitant under war.
1943 49 In the beginning this year or the end of last year, he made a hollow for protecting them from air bombs at his garden.
From january to Februry, he often exchanged about detective stories each other by letters with Inoue-Yoshio of detective story's student in Nagoya, and satisfied them at least.
In May, he studyed by observation to Hitachi Precision Machinary Factory in Kameari, Nihin Light Metal Factory in Kamahara and Ashio Mine and so on as the special correspondent of "Fujin-kurabu" and "Shohnen-Kurabu".
In August, he became the subleader in Toshima-ku Yokusaoh Manhood's Club.
From November, "The Great Ambition (Idainaru-Yume)" of scientific spy long story was done serial story in "Hinode" magazine.
1944 50 In the condition of war's tension, he made efort works of the neighborhood association.
1945 51 On 9 day, 3 month, large scale air atack to Tokyo.
In April, his family was evacuated to Hobara town, Fukushima-ken. In night of 13th day, arround Ikebukuro became same month, a burnt-out area, but only Rampo's house was miraculously remained without the damage.
In June, Rampo himself went to Fukushima to be his ill and met again his family. Declaration of ehe end of the war on 15th day, August was heard in Fukushima evacuation.
In November, they went to Tokyo.
1946 52 In Februry, he excited to read the original of "Phantom Lady" was written by William Irish.
Going before the van of recovery of detective story, "Rokku" magazine in March and "Hohseki" magazine in April were founded.
In April (June?), he advocated "Detective Story Saterday Club (Tantei-Syohsetsu Doyoh-kai)" was friendship meeting of detective story's authors and detective story's same taste persons, and the first meeting was held. This became its past self of Detective Author's Club of next year.
Many books of detective story successively were reissued.
1947 53 Rampo debate with Kigi Takataroh advocated detective story's theory in Februry, he announced "The Question of One Person's Basyoh (Hitori-no-Bashyoh-no-Mondai)" of his esay.
In same Februry, "The Load of Visions (Genei-no-Jyohsyu)" of non-story works was published from Kamome-Syoboh (Publishing firm).
In June, "Saturday Club" growned and its name changed, formed "Japanese Detective Authors Club (Nihon Tantei Sakka Kurabu)". Rampo was elected the first president. (until 1952)
In November, by the trip for the pervade and recovery of detective story he went a lecture trip to Kansai with Yokomizo Seishi and others.
The publication of his old works in this year were 31 volumes.
1949 55 From this year, Rampo reopened writing story from juvenile story from January to December. He wrote "The Bronze Devilish Man (Seidoh-no-Majin)" of serial story at "Syohnen".
In April, he became foundation's proposal of "Arrest Author's Club".
In October, he wrote plenty of relative articles of memorial event after Edgar Allan Poe's death.
1950 56 In March, Rampo wrote "The Cliff (Dangai)" at Hohchi-Newspaper.
1951 57 Rampo was serial story of "The horror of Triangular Mansion (Sankakukan-no-Kyohfu)" at "Omoshiro-Kurabu" from January to December.
In May, "The visions Castle (Geneijoh)" of his reviews works was published from Iwaya-Syoten (Publishing firm).
In November, he performed the role of Banzuiin-Chohbee on "Suzugamori" of writter's drama in Japanese Literature Association.
1952 58 In March, he got Fifth Detective Authors' Club Prize by "The visions Castle".
In April, he was authorized the first grade from Japanese Shogi Association.
In July, he transfered the president chair of Detective Authors' Club to Ohshita-Udaru, and Rampo himself was recommenedits henor's president
In September, he first visited to his birthplace's Nabari since his character comformed.
1953 59 In September, he had written serial writing of "The List acoording to Many Sorts' Tricks (Ruibetu-Trick-Syuhsei)" at "Hohseki".
1954 60 In April, Rampo held Kuroiwa Ruikoh's 33 anniversary at Mitsukoshi theater for the memory of publishment of Kuroiwa Ruikoh complete works, but the main Ruikoh complete works stopped to publish.
In June and July, he announced "The Weapon (kyohki)" at Osaka-Sankei-Newspaper.
In October, celebration of his sixtieth birthday was perfored in Tokyo Hall, and he announced the establishment of "Edogawa Rampo's Prize" in the hall. Additionary, he commited what to write story. And he observed the commitment, he had writen "Fascinating Plays with Incarnation (Kenin-Gengi)" from this November to next year's October in Hohseki.
From November, "Edogawa Rampo complete works" was published from Syunyohdoh (Publishing firm).
His juvenile stories first was filmized and debuted radio.
1955 61 He announced several stories with energy that from January to December, serial story's "The Shadow-Man (Kage-Otoko)" was printed "Omoshiro Kurabu", in April "The Moon and Glove (Tsuki-to-Tebukuro)" was printed "All-Yomimono", in July, "The Hollow For Protecting Them from Air Bombs (Bohkuhgoh)" was printed "Bungei", and in October, "The Crossroads (Jyuhjiro)" was written the first of "Newly Written Long Detective Story's Complete Works" of Kohdansya (Publishing firm) edition, furthermore serial stories of juvenile were printed "syohnen" and "Syohnen Kurabu" and so on...
In May, The First Rampo's Prize was presented "Detective Story's Encyclopedia (Nihon Tantei-Syohsetsu Jiten)" of Nakajima-Kawataroh.
In November, the monument of the birthplace of Edogawa Rampo was erected the mark of it in Nabari city.
1956 62 In April, he announced "Mr. Horikoshi Investigation's 1st Manager (Horikosahi Sohsa-1kachoh-dono)" at "All Yomimono".
In same April, "Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination" of English translation's book J. B. Harris taranslated was published from Tuttle company.
In July, to the achivement's of Hayakawa Mystery's publication, Rampo's Prize was presented.
In November, he published "Crime Fantasy" of his short story's works of his own choice with Munakata-Shikoh's woodprint at limitation.
1957 63 In April, "The Authors and Works of Oversea's Detective Story (Kaigai-Tanteisyohsetu-Sakka-to-Sakuhin)" was published from Hayakawa-Syoboh (Publishing firm).
In August, "My Dream and Truth (Wagayume-to-Shinjitsu)" was published from Tokyo-Sohgensya (Publishing firm).
Rampo aided "Hohseki" slump down the management, and personnally set about its editing from the August issue. (After until 1962)
In September, Niki-Etsuko got Rampo's Prize converted public recruitment of long story from the third.
From October to November, "The Tale Lost His Wife's Love (Tuma-ni-Shitsurenshita-Hanashi)" was announced at Sankei-Newspaper.
In addtion to "Syohnen" and "Syohnen-Kurabu", his juvenile was also started serial story at "Syohjyo-Kurabu".
1959 65 As Rampo noticed what to fall high blood pressure, he began to do his self-imposed control of his association.
In November, "Practical Joker and Air Man (Petenshi-to-Kuhkiotoko)" was published The Newly Written Mystery's Complete Works at Tohgensya (Publishing firm). This became last long story except juvenile.
1960 66 In January, "The Finger(Yubi)" was announced at Japanese Hicchi-Kokku Magazine, and this is Rampo's last story except juvenile.
He became the editorial committeeman of Japan Mistery's Outline.
In November, he was oprated empyema once again.
1961 67 Rampo only did "Syohnen" of one magazine at serial, juvenile story spread the magazine for pupil, and wrote " The Strange Planet's Man R (Yohseijin R)" of serial story.
In April, he became the Honorable Member of Art and Literature's Association.
In July, "Detective Story 40 Years (Tantei-Syohsetsu-40-Nen)" was published from Tohgensya (Publishing firm).
From October, "Edogawa Rampo Complete Works" of all eigthteen books did final revision for himself was published from Tohgensya.
In November, he was awarded Shiju-Hohsyoh (* This prize is given the creater with a great deal of achivement.) for contribution to Detective Story during long years.
1962 68 In this year, he wrote "Superman Nikora (Cyohjin Nikora)" of last story.
In the end of this year, in spite of his vigor, lie's telephone and telegram that "Rampo is critical illness" confused mystery's literary world.
1963 69 His behavior was difficult for the change for a worse of Parkinsonism.
Japanese Mystery Author's Association of corpolation was struggled the realization in spite of sick body was approved by the Ministry of Edication, and he took the first director. He worked it to this year's August.
"Himself, The visions' Castle (Kareス・Genei-no-Shiro)" of his essay's book was published from Tohtosyoboh (Publishing firm).
1964 70 In September, Rampo got the celebration of three score and ten by Japanese Mystery Author's Association.
1965 70 28th day, July, Rampo passed away at his house for cerebral hemorrhage. His age at death was seventy years old.
On 1st day, August, Japanese Mystery Author's Association's Funeral helt in Aoyama Faneral Point under Ohshita Udaru of chairman.
By the way, his graveyard is Tama cemetery in Fuchuh city.